Teleography is an ongoing collaborative art project initiated by Farhad Bahram in May 2012, in which participants are invited to contribute photos (Teleographs), taken from their TV screen, to an online archive. This project seeks the possibility of a shift from a passive audience to an active viewer who confronts the media creatively!

In order to participate, you can simply submit your Teleographs here:

or email your photos to :
please don’t forget to mention: your name, your country (or town), channel’s name, the airing date of the program you watched and preferably the name of the TV show.

let’s watch creatively, it would be fun...

“The oldest social specialization, the specialization of power, is at the root of the spectacle. The spectacle is thus a specialized activity which speaks for all the others. It is the diplomatic representation of hierarchic society to itself, where all other expression is banned."

-Guy Debord , Society of the Spectacle